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If IUPAC name of an element is “unununium” then correct statement regarding element is:
A. It is an inner transition element
B. It belongs to 8th period in the periodic table
C. It is transition element
D. It is a non-transition element

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Hint: Unununium is an artificial element synthesized in laboratories in December 1994. Its atomic number is 111 . For a decade the name Unununium (for 1-1-1-um) was used as per IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry).

Complete answer:
- In the question it is asked to choose the correct statement among the given options about the IUPAC name of an element is “unununium”.
- The new heaviest elements in the periodic table don't occur in nature.
- The new heaviest elements formed by the nuclear fusion process are einsteinium and fermium.
- A new heaviest element with atomic number 111 is found in radioactive debris.
- To the element with atomic number 111 the name “unununium” used for a decade by IUPAC.
- Later they changed the name to ROENTGENIUM.
- The chemical symbol for ROENTGENIUM is ‘Rg.’
- The element with atomic number 111 is placed in d-block.
- We know that d-block elements are called transition elements.
- Therefore the element “unununium” is a transition element.

- So, the correct option is C.

Note: In the periodic table in the 7th period it is located and placed in the 11th group. Unununium is the IUPAC name given to the element Roentgenium. Roentgenium is a radioactive element and its isotopes are unstable in nature.