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If 1USD = $73.78$ INR, then how much is $15$ USD in INR?
$D)$ None of these

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: First we have to define what the terms we need to solve the problem are.
Every country has a different value of currency so it will be different from the worth of trade into the countries. Like one euro value is nearly seventy-five Indian rupees; likewise, only they are given as one USD United States dollar equals to the $73.78$ Indian rupees.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Since $1$USD = $73.78$INR, we need to multiply that one USD into times of the fifteen so we can able to easily find the answer to the required question; but since we need to know about the multiplication formula; Multiplying means repeated addition of a number and it is the number of times that we added the numbers. So that USD is fifteen is found by multiplication axiom
Similarly, the $73.78$INR will be multiplied by fifteen and get the resultant answer;
While multiplying $73.78 \times 15$ the number $73.78$ is known as the multiplicand and the number $15$ is known as the multiplier. Hence $73.78 \times 15 = 1106.7$ is the required answer thus option $A)1106.7$ is correct. That means fifteen USD is one thousand and hundred six point seven.
If the options like $B)1106.72$, $C)1106.73$ maybe correct then the given $1$USD = $73.78$INR is wrong so hence option A is the only correct option

Note: Also changing INR into USD is $1$INR = $\dfrac{1}{{73.78}}$USD. Which is the inverse of form $1$USD = $73.78$INR.
International currency will change daily or monthly according to their national worth in trading. So, these values in USD and INR are not fixed. Let’s see multiplication with an example; while multiplying the number $15 \times 1$ then the number $15$ is known as multiplicand and the number $1$ is known as the multiplier