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Identify the type of clause underlined in the sentence.
I am looking for an assistant who is good with Microsoft Excel.
A) Adverb clause of time
B) Noun Clause
C) Relative clause
D) Adverb clause of place

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Hint: A clause is a group of words containing a subject and a verb.There are 2 main types of clause- 1) Main clause 2) Subordinate clause.Subordinate clauses are further divided into 3 clauses 1) Adjective clause 2) Noun clause and 3) Adverb clause.

Complete answer:
Let us first understand the clauses given in the options:
A) Adverb clause of time - The subordinate clause that tells us about ‘when’ the action occurs.The clause can begin with words like when,before,after,whenever,until,while as and since.
B) Noun clause - The subordinate clauses functioning as a noun are noun clauses. They usually begin with what, who, which, when, why and where.
C) Relative clause - It's an adjective clause. When one clause relates back to the previous clause and gives more information about it in a given sentence then it is known as a relative clause. It usually begins with who, which or that.
D) Adverb clause of place - The subordinate clause that tells us about ‘where’ the action occurs. The clause can begin with words like wherever, whenever and everywhere.

The correct answer is ‘relative clause’. ‘Who is good with Microsoft excel’ is a relative clause because it gives you more information about what kind of assistant is required.

Therefore the correct answer is ‘C’.

Note: Subordinate clauses do not make sense on their own. They become meaningful only when combined with the main clause in a sentence. They usually begin with subordinating conjunctions or relative pronouns.