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Humans and animals are dependent on plants:
A. Directly
B. Indirectly
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

Last updated date: 14th Jun 2024
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Hint: Life on earth wouldn't be conceivable without a plant’s environment is an assortment of living and nonliving parts. The oxygen that animals inhale originates from plants. Through photosynthesis, plants take energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and water and minerals from the dirt.

Complete answer: People and animals are dependent on plants directly or indirectly for food.
Just plants are autotrophs i.e., they are equipped for incorporating their food. Animals are heterotrophs i.e., they are unequipped for integrating their food. They depend on plants and different animals for food. The man likewise being a heterotroph, gets his food from plants just as animals. This shows that humans and animals are dependent on plants directly and indirectly.
Hence, the right answer is choice C.

Note: For some animals, plants are their fundamental food, or if plants don't make 100 % of their eating regimen, plants are in any case basic in their food flexibly. Plants are additionally utilized by animals (and men) as material for building homes (and or homes). Carnivorous animals eat herbivorous animals, and without plants, they wouldn't endure, so the carnivores would rapidly vanish. Plants are additionally essential in the keeping up of the atmosphere and without plants, the world's surface would be dependent upon disintegration.