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How much is $100$ pounds in kilograms ?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:The pound is the unit of money which is used in the UK. It is represented by the symbol £. One UK pound is divided into a hundred pence. Some other countries, for example Egypt, also have a unit of money called a pound. So, we have to convert $100$ pounds in kilograms. Both pounds and kilograms are units of length and can be changed into one another.

Complete answer:
In the given question, we are required to convert $100$ pounds in kilograms. We can do so with the use of unitary methods. In unitary method, we can first find the value of one unit and then subsequently multiply the value of one unit by the desired number.So, we know that $1$ kilogram $ = 2.205$ pounds.So, we can find the value of $1$ pound in kilograms as $\dfrac{1}{{2.205}}$kilograms.Hence,
$1$ pound$ = \dfrac{1}{{2.205}}$ kilograms.
$ \Rightarrow 100$ pound$ = \dfrac{{100}}{{2.205}}$ kilograms
Now, we have to divide $100$ by $2.205$.
On solving further,
$ \therefore 100$ pounds $ = 45.35$ kilograms

Hence, $100$ pounds can be converted into kilograms as $45.35$ kilograms.

Note:In the given question, we need to convert the pound unit into kilograms. The required task can be done by following the unitary method in which we find the value of one unit and then multiply the equation by the desired number. Care should be taken while converting units of distance from metres to miles and while carrying out subsequent calculations.