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How do you convert $47\% $ to a decimal?

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: We will convert the given number into fraction and then into percentage by multiplying the number with $\dfrac{1}{{100}}$. Now if the percentage doesn’t turn out to be a whole number, we will try to convert that number to decimal by multiplying or dividing the number by $10$.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We can write $47\% $ as $\dfrac{{47}}{{100}}$.
Now we divide $47$ by $100$.
   = 47\% \\
   = \dfrac{{47}}{{100}} \\
Now reduce the term until it cannot be reduced any further.
   = \dfrac{{47}}{{100}} \\
   = \,0.47 \\
Hence, the decimal form of $47\% $ is \[0.47\].
Additional Information: Percentage is always based off of $100\% $, so decimals up to the hundredths place will always be integers, and the numbers after the hundredths place will be after the decimal. The tens place in the percent will always be in the tenths place in decimal form as well. To convert from decimals to percentage, you will multiply by $100$, which gives you the percentage equivalent of the percent. While converting from decimal to fraction, we will multiply both the numerator and denominator by $10$.

Note: While converting decimal into fraction, make sure you evaluate all the decimal terms properly and then only multiply by $10$ to the numerator as well as denominator. While converting to percentage make sure you multiply by $100\% $ to the given term for the percentage. Do all the calculations precisely. While reducing the terms, reduce them until they cannot be reduced any further. Do the calculations precisely and cautiously.