How do you convert 14Km into m?

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Hint: We are given a measurement in kilometer and we have to convert it into meter. To convert a kilometer measurement to a meter measurement multiply the length by the conversion ratio 1 kilometer is equal to 1000 so use this simple formula to convert:
Meter = kilometers $\times$ 1,000
The length in meters is equal to the kilometers multiplied by $1000$.
For example, here’s how to convert $5$ km into meters using the formula above.
$5Km = \left( {5 \times 1,000} \right) = 5000m$
Kilometers and meters are both units used to measure length.
By using this method we will find the value.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Step1: We are given a measurement in the form of kilometer i.e. $14Km$. As we know that
$1Km = 1000m$. So we will multiply the expression by $100$. So that we will convert them into expression.
Step2: By simply following the method of multiplication we will find the value:
$\Rightarrow1Km = 1000m$
$\Rightarrow14Km = 1000 \times 14$
$ = 14000m$
Step3: Final answer: Hence the value is $14000m$
Additional information:
$1$kilometer is equal to $1000$meter which is defined as the distance light travels in a vacuum in a $\dfrac{1}{{299,792,458}}$ second time interval. The kilometer or kilometer is a multiple of the meter which is the SI base units for length in the metric system ‘kilo” is a prefix for ${10^3}$ kilometers can be abbreviated as km for example $1$kilometer can be written as $1$Km
The meter is defined as a length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval with the duration of $\dfrac{1}{{299,792,458}}$ a second. According to the most recent 2019 definition $1$meter is equal to $100$cm or $39.37$inches. The meter or meter is the SI base unit for length in the matrix system meters can be abbreviated as m for example $1$meter can be written as $1m$. We recommend using a ruler or tape for measuring length which can be found at a local retail or home center.

In such types of questions students should remember the conversion format many times. A reverse question is given, that is we have to convert the meter into kilometers. So we will divide the measurement in meters by $1000$ just remember the trick. If we have to convert the digits from a small unit to high we will divide that value by the conversion ratio and to convert from higher to lower. We will multiply the value by the conversion ratio for example to convert kilometer to meter multiply by $1000$ and to convert from meter to kilometer divide by $1000$.