Heterophylly is an example of
A. Vernalisation
B. Photoperiodism
C. Plasticity
D. None of the above

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Hint: Due to changes in the environment, there may be changes in the leaf morphology, and having the ability to show that changes are considered as Heterophylly, it is seen in so many plants including the aquatic forms also.

Complete answer:
From the above-given options
> Vernalization: it is the process where the plant is induced to produce the flowers, by exposing them to cold.
The vernalization process activates the reproductive parts of the plants and accelerates seed production.
Some of the examples of vernalization are perennial plants, biennial plants, and ecotrops. But sometimes, this process is not encouraged.
In some cases like onion, devernalization takes place, before placing onions below the soil
> Photoperiodism: It is the physiological response of the plants to the amount of light exposure or to the length of the day and night.
Based on the definition, they are classified into 3 types.
Short day plants, long-day plants, and day-neutral plants.
Short day plants: These plants show flowering in the days, where the day is shorter than the critical day length
Long day plants: These plants show flowering in the days, where the length of the day is longer than the critical day length
> Plasticity: Plasticity is said to be a method, in which plants undergo several morphological changes in response to the external environment.
It means that when we take a plant, in this plant the structure of leaves are different in the early phase or in juvenile phase, but when they become mature the shape of the leaves changing
Some examples are coriander and cotton plants, and also seen in aquatic plants also.
So from the all above explanation, it is plasticity which is the correct option.

Correct option: C. Plasticity

Plasticity is very important in the plants, for their protection, this condition is especially important in sessile plants because of their ambient conditions, it is different in the plants of different taxa. We generally observe the Phenotypic plasticity in evolution.