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What happens when an alkaline solution of potassium ferricyanide is reacted with \[{H_2}{O_2}\]
A.Potassium ferricyanide is oxidized to potassium ferricyanide and \[{H_2}{O_2}\] is oxidized
B.Potassium ferricyanide becomes colorless and \[{H_2}{O_2}\] is oxidized to \[{O_2}\]
C.Potassium ferricyanide is reduced to ferrichydroixde and \[{H_2}{O_2}\] is oxidized to \[{H_2}O\]
D.Potassium ferricyanide is reduced to Potassium ferrocyanide and \[{H_2}{O_2}\] is oxidized to \[{O_2}\]

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Hint: We must know that the redox reaction is a chemical reaction in which electrons are transferred between two reactant species participating in the reaction. Therefore, first, we have to write the reaction between Potassium ferricyanide and \[{H_2}{O_2}\].
Redox reactions are based on electron transfers and electron density around an atom will change during redox reactions. Electron density will decrease in case of oxidation and an increase in case of reduction.

Complete step by step answer:
From the basic knowledge of redox reaction we can write the chemical reaction of Potassium ferricyanide and\[{H_2}{O_2}\]
$2{K_3}\left[ {Fe{{(CN)}_6}} \right] + 2KOH + {H_2}{O_2} \to 2{K_4}\left[ {Fe{{(CN)}_6}} \right] + 2{H_2}O + {O_2}$
An alkaline solution of potassium ferricyanide oxidizes hydrogen peroxide into oxygen gas and reduces itself into potassium ferrocyanide.
Iron is undergoing reduction and oxygen in hydrogen peroxide is undergoing oxidation.
We can understand that the potassium ferricyanide acts as an oxidizing agent and hydrogen peroxide acts as a reducing agent in this redox reaction.
Hence, option D is the correct answer.
Additional information:
The electron acceptor species is known as the oxidizing agent while the electron donor species is known as reducing agent.
The oxidizing agent undergoes a reduction of itself while the reducing agent undergoes oxidation of itself.
The oxidation number of participating species will change in redox reactions.
The addition of electronegative elements will cause oxidation and the addition of electropositive elements will cause reduction of the species.
Any species having a maximum oxidation state always acts as oxidizing agent only while any species having a minimum oxidation state, always acts as reducing agent only.
We must know that the Electron acceptor species is known as an oxidizing agent while the electron donor species are known as a reducing agent. The oxidation number will increase in case of oxidation and the oxidation number will decrease in case of reduction.
Therefore, Redox reaction in ionic form
$F{e^{3 + }}{\text{ + O}}_2^{2 - } \to {\text{ F}}{{\text{e}}^{2 + }}{\text{ + O}}_2^0$
 Oxidation number of iron will decrease and the oxidation number of oxygen will increase.