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What will happen if the reverberation time in a big hall is too long?
(A) Sound will persist for some time in the hall
(B) The reflection may become an echo
(C) Multiple reflections may occur
(D) All the above will happen

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Hint: The term “reverberation” is defined as repeated reflection of sound from the walls ceiling and floor of a room (hall). Whereas, echo is also termed as reflection of sound wave but it is the single repetition of sound wave on a surface.

Complete step by step answer:
If the area of the room is large in size then sound becomes an un-differentiation, distorted or blurred due to the overlapping of the sound waves and it will be difficult to hear a clear sound because the time between two waves is very less. Reverberation is experienced only in closed objects where multiple reflecting objects are present. Whereas, echo is heard in open as well as in closed spaces.

To hear the reverberation there is no minimum distance required between source of sound the reflecting object.While echo can only be experienced when the distance between source of sound the reflecting object is at least 17m.
Hence, if the reverberation time in a big hall is too long then the reflection may become an echo.

Therefore, the correct option for this problem is (C).

Note: Reverberation can be reduced by the use of sound absorbing materials which prevent the sound from getting reflected in a big hall. Materials which are used to minimize the reverberation are heavy curtains, plastics, fiberboard etc.