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Granite is found in _______.
A. Igneous rocks
B. Sedimentary rocks
C. Metamorphic rocks
D. Aqueous rocks

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Hint: Granite is a kind of rock that is formed from hot and molten magma. It is found only on Earth but nowhere else in the Solar System.

Complete step by step answer:
Granite can be of different colors according to the proportion of its minerals. It could be dark or light grey, brown, or even pink. By the pressure under the Earth’s surface, the magma is forced between the other layers of rock. Then, the magma cools down and slowly turns into a stone. These kinds of rocks which are formed from the hot, molten magma are called Igneous rocks. Quartz, hornblende, feldspar, and mica are some of the different types of minerals in Granite. This stone makes up a big part of the Earth’s crust and is very common on Earth. There are many places on the Earth, where the granite has been forced upwards by the tectonic movement although it forms under the surface of the Earth. The plates in the Earth’s crust get bent and pushed upward when they move together. As a result, the Granite Mountains are formed. The chemical composition of granite is, it has Silica of $72.04\% $, Alumina of $14.42\% $, calcium oxide of $1.82\% $ , ferrous (iron) oxide of $1.68\% $ and some others. Granite is dense and can be cut, carved, and shaped. It is resistant to water and pollution and has a range of different colors. This stone is used in the building material of some countries and it is mainly used in the kitchen.

Thus, option (A) is correct.

Note: The minerals in the granite forms crystals as the magma cools down. If the granite is cut and polished, these crystals can be seen easily. In Aberdeen (a city in Scotland) most of the buildings are made up of granite.