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Give the correct collective noun.
A ______ of directors.
A) group
B) bunch
C) board
D) team

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Hint: A collective noun is a term that we use to describe a group of persons, animals or things. Sometimes these are also called grouped nouns. In the phrase a pack of dogs, the word pack is a collective noun.

Complete answer:
In most cases, collective nouns may be plural. You need to have multiple collective nouns. In a cricket match, for instance, there are two different teams playing versus each other.

Here the given sentence is “A ______ of directors.”
“Directors” refer to people who are in charge of a duty, activity, department etc.

A) Option A. group - Group is usually used for people. “A group of people” Therefore, this option is incorrect.
B) Option B. bunch - Bunch is usually used for non-living things. “A bunch of flowers” Therefore, this option is incorrect.
C) Option C. board - Board refers to a group of people that have an authority. “ A board of directors” Therefore, this option is correct.
D) Option D. team - Team is usually used for a group of people playing a sport. “A football team”. Therefore, this option is incorrect.

Another words used for a group of directors are:
“A guild of directors.” “A drove of directors.”
But usually it is indicated by “A board of directors”.

Therefore, the correct answer is option ‘C’ thewe can say it as “A board of directors.”

Note: In regular language, most of the collective nouns aren't unique to one kind of object, like the term "gang" that can be used for thiefs, murders or something like "group of dogs." Some group names are unique to a certain item, in particular the terms of reverence, that identify groups of certain animals. For instance, 'pride' often means lions, never dogs or cows as a word of reverence.