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Give some examples of radiation.

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: In physics, the transmission or emission of the energy in the form of particles or waves which travel from one position to another in a medium is called Radiation.They can travel freely in space or through material mediums.

Complete answer:
Let us understand some common examples of radiation.
A burning candle: Since, a burning candle produces light energy and heat energy and these two energy travels freely in space such energy waves are an example of radiation.
Ultraviolet Radiation from sun: All the forms of energy coming through the sun are an example of radiation whether it’s light energy or heat energy or any form of rays like ultraviolet rays, visible light are all an example of radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation: Those waves which are generated due to an accelerating charge called electromagnetic waves and these waves are also generated from our cell phone, such types of energy waves are also an example of radiation.

There are main four types of radiation namely:
Alpha radiation: One common example of alpha radiation is Helium $ - 4$ Nucleus.
Beta radiation: An ejected electron is an example of beta radiation.
Neutron: Radiations emit from nuclear fission and fusion reactions.
Electromagnetic radiation: Radio waves, microwaves and x-rays are some common examples of electromagnetic radiations.

Note:In technology and benefits of humankind, radiation is used in almost every sector whether it’s medical science, industrial area or to generate electricity and space exploration. For example radioactive material like radiopharmaceuticals is placed inside of the human body which emits radiation and shrinks or destroys the cancerous tumor.