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Give one example each of a binomial of degree \[35\] and of a monomial of degree \[100\].

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Hint: Here binomial means an expression having two terms and a monomial means an expression having only one term. And degree is the highest power of the equation.

  First consider binomial of degree \[35\]
\[{x^{35}} - 1\] is a binomial since it is having two terms \[\left( {{\text{i}}{\text{.e}}{\text{. }}{x^{35}}{\text{ and }} - 1} \right)\] and the degree is \[35\] as the highest power is \[35\].
 Now monomial of degree \[100\]
\[{x^{100}}\] is a monomial since it is having only one term and the degree is \[100\] as the highest power is \[100\].
Thus, \[{x^{35}} - 1\]is a binomial of degree \[35\] and \[{x^{100}}\]is a monomial of degree \[100\].
Note: In this problem we have taken \[x\]as a variable. We can take any variable such as \[p,t{\text{ or }}z\] for writing the binomial and monomial. And also, we have taken constant in binomial expression, we can also take any variable in place of constant but, having power less than that of degree.
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