Forest and wastelands belonging to both government and private individuals and communities are called
A. Unclassed forest
B. Protected forest
C. Reserved forest
D. Mangrove first

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Hint: The forests are broadly classified into different categories. The ownership is an important policy that is required for institutional as well as management purposes. Forest and wastelands which belong to both government and private individuals are in majority in Northeastern states of India.

Complete step by step answer:
Forest has legal connotations. An area of land which is regarded as forest in revenue records or considered as forest under the Forest Act or law is described as forest. Therefore, forest areas should be recorded as forests in government official records. This term is written as a recorded forest area. The recorded forest area is categorized into three categories which are as follows :
Reserved forest – An area is given a full degree of protection under the Provision of India Forest Act or India Forest Act. In the reserved forest, all activities are prohibited unless permitted by the government.
Protected forest – An area under the Provision of India Forest Act or State Forest Act that has limited protection. In this type of forest, all activities are permitted unless prohibited.
Unclassed forest- An area which is recorded as forest. It belongs to both the government and we’ll as private individuals. Unclassed are in majority in Northeastern states of India.
Protected and Reserved forests are often categorized as Permanent forest. Madhya Pradesh has the largest area of permanent forest.
So, the correct answer is Option A.

Note: Unclassed forests are considered as forest and wastelands belonging to the government as well as private individuals and communities. The majority of these are found in the Northeastern states of India. Forests that don’t fall into the category of unreserved and protected forests fall into this category.