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Food contaminated with food poisoning bacteria would
A. Smell
B. Change colour
C. Look normal
D. Be slimy and bitter

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: Any food is unhealthy and insufficient in unpreserved conditions for human consumption for a long time. Bacteria and fungi make it possible. The food is contaminated by these species if they stay open in areas that are largely uncleaned.

Complete answer: Food spoiling requires many modifications that make food intolerable to people. Spoilage of food is caused by many factors such as food insects, frozen, fried, burnt, etc., physical contamination. The growth and activity of microorganisms like bacteria, leaven, and mould can also contribute to food spoiling can be attributed to chemical changes. It cannot actually spoil food unfit for consumption. For example, autolysis may occur in uncooked food, and auto-enzymes decompose food. A variety of food preservatives were added to protect food, which sometimes contributes to food decay and some preservative chemicals act as or activate food enzymes. Various bacteria target various food types. Clostridium botulinum, for example, focuses on foodstuffs such as meat and poultry and Bacillus cereus, which focuses on milk and cream. The food that contains the bacteria toxin to food does not modify the colour, taste, and smell of the food so the senses and food appear normal and cannot be recognized.
Hence, the correct answer is option C-Look normal.

Note: Food is typically composed of microorganisms. Food spoilage signs include a distinct appearance from fresh foods like colour change, a change in texture, an irritating scent, and a taste. Different methods for the safety of food spoil, including boiling, freezing, salting, sweetening, caning, and so on can be used.