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Find the following products: $\left( { - 1} \right) \times 225$

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: Here we are asked to find the given product. We can see that the terms in the product are integers. Since it is an integer, we need to follow the sign law under multiplication. First, we will find the product of the number by taking those numbers as a whole number then we will use the sign law under multiplication to find the sign of the product.

Complete step by step answer:
It is given that $\left( { - 1} \right) \times 225$, we aim to find the product or value of this expression.
The terms in the given expression are minus one and two hundred and twenty-five. These are integers so we have to find the product of these integers.
To multiply an integer, we first need to find the product by taking the absolute value of the integers.
That is, $1 \times 225$ the product will be equal to $225$
Now we need to find the sign of the product we got. For that, we will use the sign law under multiplication.
When the positive sign is multiplied by a positive sign the product will be in a positive sign and vice-versa.
When the negative sign is multiplied by a positive sign the product will be in a negative sign and vice-versa.
Here the integers in the given product contain one negative sign and one positive sign so when we multiply them, we will get a negative sign to the product thus the answer will be equal to $ - 225$.
That is $\left( { - 1} \right) \times 225 = - 225$

 In mathematics, integers are the number that can be positive and negative along with zero that is the number from negative infinity to positive infinity without the fractions. An absolute value of an integer is nothing but the integer irrespective of the sign that is the absolute value of $ - 5$ and $4$ will be equal to $5$ and $4$. It is also denoted by using a vertical bar that is $\left| {} \right|$.