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Find the additive inverse of 5.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: In order to solve this question we need to have the understanding of additive inverse. After knowing what additive inverse is, we just have to formulate an equation by using its definition. So if we take x as the additive inverse, then we must add it with the given number and equate it to 0. Solving it for x will give us the answer of the given question.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Here, in this question we have to find the additive inverse of 5.
First of all we must know about additive inverse and then we will proceed about solving this question.
Let assume that there is a number $ a $ , then the additive inverse of the number $ a $ is the number that, when added to $ a $ , yields zero.
Extending this concept in the question, we have the given number 5.
Let suppose that the additive inverse of 5 is $ x $ .
Then according to the definition their sum will be equal to zero.
 $ \therefore x+5=0 $
Shifting the constant value 5 to the right, we get
 $ \Rightarrow x=-5 $
Hence, the additive inverse of the 5 is -5.

Note: We can also solve this question by extending the definition of additive inverse. Additive inverse of a real number is the negative of that number. Hence, in the given question, we have 5 which is a real number. So, it's additive inverse will be negative of 5 which is -5. One thing to note that students often intermix additive inverse and multiplicative inverse, they must have to understand that both are different things and while solving the question be careful about that, otherwise nothing tricky in the question.