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Fill in the blanks:
$(-87)\div .....=87$ .

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: To find the value of blank space, let us assume the blank space as $x$ . After that, simplify it and you will get the answer.

Complete step by step solution:
There are four basic operations of Arithmetic, namely, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
Division is breaking a number up into an equal number of parts. Division is an arithmetic operation used in maths. It splits a given number of items into different groups.
There are a number of signs that people may use to indicate division. The most common one is ÷, but the backslash / is also used in the form of Fraction, where a Numerator is written on the top and Denominator on the bottom.
The arithmetic operation is a branch of Mathematics that involves addition, subtraction, division and multiplication on all types of real numbers including integers.
Integers are a particular kind of numbers that include negative numbers, positive numbers and zero and no fractions. Arithmetic operations on integers and real numbers are similar that can be either positive or negative.
If multiplication is the sum of numbers, division is the distribution of numbers. Dividing integers is the opposite operation of multiplication. But the rules for division of integers are the same as multiplication rules. Though, it is not always necessary that the quotient will always be an integer.
Rule 1: The quotient of two positive integers will always be positive.
Rule 2: The quotient of two negative integers will always be positive.
Rule 3: The quotient of a positive integer and a negative integer will always be negative.
Same as multiplication, divide the integers without the sign, then give the sign according to the rule as given in the table. The division of two integers with the like signs gives positive quotients and the division of two integers with unlike signs gives negative quotients.
Now we are given, $(-87)\div .....=87$ .
Let the blank space be equal to $x$ .
So we get,
$(-87)\div x=87$
Now simplifying we get,
So we get the value of $x$ as $-1$ .
Therefore, $(-87)\div (-1)=87$ .

Note: Read the question and see what is asked. Your concept regarding division should be clear. A proper assumption should be made. Do not make silly mistakes while substituting. Equate it in a proper manner and don't confuse yourself.