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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
Who is going to answer _________question?
A) that
B) to that
C) for that
D) None of the above

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Hint: An adjective is a term that modifies or represents the referent of a noun or a noun phrase in linguistics. Its semantic function is to alter the information provided by the noun. Adjectives are terms that define the characteristics or states of being of nouns, such as enormous, doglike, silly, yellow, pleasant, and swift.

Complete answer:
In this sentence, we'll look at how to use a demonstrative adjective. A demonstrative adjective emphasises the significance of a noun or pronoun in a phrase. In a sentence, a demonstrative adjective such as this or that helps to signify a noun or pronoun. It's particularly useful when you want to make it clear who or what you want to talk about, whether it's a person or a subject. They are referring to the noun "questions" in this question. Only "that" can be used as a demonstrative adjective in this situation. It is not necessary to use any preposition.
So, who is going to answer that question?

A term that specifically refers to a person/thing or a small group of people and objects. That, such, this, and these are demonstrative terms. Sentence Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives: Please hand over the blue water bottle to me.

So, option A is the correct answer.

Note: Absolute, comparative, and superlative adjectives are the three types of adjectives. Absolute adjectives are adjectives that characterise something in and of themselves. Unsurprisingly, comparative adjectives allow a distinction between two or more objects.