Facts of figures, collected with a definite purpose, are called:
A. Data
B. Mean
C. Mode
D. Median

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Hint: Statistics is a branch of science that deals with the collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of numerical data. Collection of facts and figures such as values or measurements are referred to as Data.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Data is a collection of facts and figures which include values, measurements and observations for a definite purpose. The purpose is usually to find a correlation between two events, one of which is known as the "cause" and the other one is referred to as the "effect".
A collection of facts, such as values or observations is called as Data.
Data can be descriptive in many ways, for e.g., it can be numbers, words, measurements, observations or even just descriptions of things.
Facts and figures, collected with a definite purpose, are called data.
Hence, Option A is the correct answer.

Additional Information:
Facts or numerical figures, collected with a definite purpose, are called data. The data obtained in original form is referred to as raw data or ungrouped data. The data condensed into groups or classes is known as grouped data. Both are useful forms of data but the major difference between them is that ungrouped data is raw data which means that it has just been collected but not sorted into any group or classes. On the other hand, grouped data is data that has been organized into groups from the raw data.

Note: The arrangement of raw numerical data in ascending or descending order of magnitude, is known as an array. The number of times an observation occurs in the given data is called the frequency of that observation.