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During summer, if you go near the lake, you feel relief from heat. Why?

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Hint:The process by which water gets converted into gaseous or vapor form is known as evaporation.

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During the summer season, the temperature outside is quite high and the humidity is also very high. As the temperature is quite high, the land starts getting heated up. But as the rate of heating of land is faster than the rate of heating of water, formation of low pressure on the land region takes place. Because of this, the air from the land rises up and moves towards the lake.

At the same time, the water present in the lake is also evaporating which cools the air above it. Thus, the reason why the air present above the lake is cooler. This air then moves towards the land where lower pressure is present. Therefore, this is the reason why during summer, if we go near the lake, we feel relieved from the heat.

Evaporation has many real life applications. A few examples are,
>Drying of clothes under sun
>Cooling effect caused due to acetone
>The water present in earthen pots becomes cold in summer
>One feels cold after the sweat evaporates

Note: Evaporation is a phenomenon that causes a cooling effect as it absorbs the heat energy and causes cooling.