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During day time which of the following is more prevalent?
A. Sea breeze
B. Land breeze
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

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Hint: Sea breeze and land breeze are winds prevalent in coastal areas. Sea breeze is the flow of cool air from sea to land and land breeze is the flow of air from land to sea. The flow of both types of breeze is due to pressure difference over sea and land.

Complete answer:
Sea has a much higher heat capacity than land. Due to this, in day time the temperature over land surface increases which heats up surrounding air. Due to increase in temperature, air expansion occurs which, in turn, lowers the pressure over land. Concurrently, pressure on the top of the sea is higher. Thanks to the difference in pressure which causes air to flow from higher pressure to lower pressure. That is, from over the sea to over the land. This flow of air from above the sea is named as the sea breeze.
At night time, the reverse process takes place. After sunset, both land and sea start to cool down but as the heat capacity of sea is higher than land, it cools down slower as compared to land. Thus, a low-pressure develops over sea and high-pressure over land. Due to difference in pressure, the air flows from the land to the sea and this flow of air is known as land breeze.
The sea breeze is more common on warm sunny days. An amazing cooling effect is felt due to this.

Hence, option A is correct.

Land breeze can occur at any time but is more common during the autumn and winter when water temperatures are still sufficiently warm and nights are cool. Sea breeze is more prevalent during the spring and summer.
Both types of breezes occur due to difference in heat capacities of land and sea and are prevalent in coastal areas.