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Does Nichrome have high resistance?

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Hint: In order to solve this question, we should know about the resistance. Resistance is the property of a material to oppose the flow of electricity when electric current passes through it and materials which are specially designed to offer resistance in electrical circuits are called resistors. Here, we will discuss Nichrome and its resistance.

Complete step by step solution:
Nichrome which is generally also known as Nickel Chromium or Chromium nickel. Nichrome is a member of an alloy having a composition of Nickel, Chromium and even some iron.
An alloy is a substance especially made with composition of two more elements to offer special properties such as, alloys are very strong and hard, less ductile and more corrosion resistant.
Nichrome mainly consists of $80$ percentage of nickel and $20$ percentage of chromium and even some minute percentages of iron and other elements which make nickel more resistant and Nichrome has a melting point of about ${1400^o}C$ which is very high and enables nichrome wire to be used in many heating appliances.
Hence, yes Nichrome wire has very high resistance and has an approximate value of its resistivity around $112.2ohm - cm$ which is very high.

Note: It should be remembered that, Nichrome has very high resistance as well as very high melting point and due to these special properties of nichrome, nichrome wire is used in heating appliances such as hair dryers or heat guns and nichrome wires can also be used in fuse wires and many domestic heaters use Nichrome due to its very high melting point and high resistance.
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