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Differentiate between Lentic and lotic habitats.

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Hint: Lentic region is defined as the region in the water body, where the water does not have any flow, and the water is stagnant, while the lotic region is defined as the region in the water body, where water is in a continuous state of motion, which means in the dynamic state.

Complete answer:
Freshwater habitats are classified as lentic and lotic habitats.
Some water habitats like lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and standing water in pools have come under lentic habitats.
Whereas some water bodies such as river streams and which have good flow of water is called lotic habitat.

Lentic habitat Lotic habitat
Light penetrates up to a certain level and depends on turbidity.Light penetration in running water also depends on turbidity.
The growth of macrophytes and algae mostly depend on the spectral composition and depend on intensity of light.In lotic habitats the light penetrates properly if the water is pure and hollow so that growth is also adequate .
The quantity of oxygen in lentic habitats depends on the contact between the water and air, and also the circulation of water and the amount of energy produced and consumed in the lake.In the case of lentic habitats, the concentration of oxygen is higher because of water mixed with air randomly, which is mainly due to turbulence.

 In lentic habitats the biological system is classified into pelagic and benthic systems, where benthic are divided into littoral and profundal types, in lotic habitats the flow is higher on the surfaces than bottom, whereas in the bottom it is again the same as the lentic system.