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Why did Maya call Nishad Seven?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: The chapter "Expert Detectives" written by Sharadha Dwivedi, is about two siblings who are worried about a mysterious person they encounter. The individual never receives visitors, has no friends, does not converse with others, is frail, and tips Ramesh, who brings his food to his bedside.

Complete answer:
Expert Detectives, by Sharada Dwivedi, is a thrilling story about two aspiring detectives who have a knack for spotting evidence that is more fictitious than true. Nishad, a seven-year-old son, and his ten-year-old sister Maya were playing one day when their marble rolled into the room of Mr. Nath, a mother's patient. Mr. Nath was the subject of Nishad's visit. He was regarded as a suspicious figure by the children. They believed the man was a thief who had obtained his wealth in an unethical manner. They were curious as to why Mr. Nath was so frail and lonely. Perhaps he was afraid of being arrested and turned over to the police.

Mr Nath intrigues Nishad, a seven-year-old boy (also known as Seven because his name refers to the seventh note on the musical scale), and his ten-year-old sister Maya. The children's marble then rolls into Mr Nath's bed, and Nishad finally gets to see him.

Hence, Maya gave Nishad the nickname Seven because his name meant the seventh note on the musical scale.

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