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Describe the various methods to check the spread of communalism in India.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Communalism may be a powerful sense of loyalty to the interests of one particular group (religious, ethnic, etc.) instead of to society as a full which might result in extreme behaviour or violence towards others.

Complete answer:
The following methods to check/test the spread of the communalism in India are:

> Political parties supported the faith should be banned immediately.
> Religious places must not be allowed to be converted into places of non-secular fanaticism and for spreading communalism.
> Inter-faith marriages should be motivated.
> Controversy religious places should be converted into national memorials.
> Communal organizations just like the Hindu Mahasabha should be banned.
> The history of India should be written with a proper outlook.
> Through the utilization of mass media, people should be taught to respect the religious feelings of one another. Press, media, television and newspaper should be used for this.
> Religious and moral education supported kickshaws of all the religions should tend to students in schools and colleges.

Communalism could be a significant social issue in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Communal conflicts between religious communities, like Hindus and Muslims, are a recurrence in India after independence, occasionally resulting in very serious bi-communal brutality. Communalism is very complex.

Some disadvantages of Communalism are:

> The government decides on what the people can have, instead of what they require.
> Almost all businesses are possessed and managed by the government.
> Everybody is functioning, and most don’t have anything.