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Describe the process of spinning and weaving.

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Hint: In this question, firstly we will understand about various techniques like Spinning, weaving and the concepts behind these techniques and their applications and by using this information we can easily approach the answer.

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Spinning: A process of making yarn from fibers. In this process a mass of cotton wool fibers are drawn out and twisted. It is an art where the fiber is drawn out, twisted, and then wound onto a bobbin. By this, fibers come together to form a yarn. Spinning can be done by hand and charkha. On high scale production, spinning is done with the help of machines.

Weaving: The process of combining and organizing two different sets of yarns together to make fabric is called weaving. It can be done on looms that are either - hand operated or power operated.
Weaving is a method of textile production in which two definite sets of threads are braid together at right angles forming a fabric or cloth.

Note: Spinning and weaving are two techniques in the production of textiles. The major difference between spinning and weaving is in their process and purpose. Spinning includes the process of making thread out of raw fiber. Weaving is the process of taking threads and making them to cloth. Spinning is generally done with natural fibers such as wool, flax, cotton or silk. Weaving is most often carried out on a loom. Both are traditional textile skills. These two activities are both related to making of fabric, but spinning is focused on creation of yarns.