Democracy is based on the idea of
A. Freedom and rights
B. Deliberation and negotiation
C. Transparency and procedures
D. Decisions and negotiation

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A form of government that allows people to choose their own representatives is known as Democracy. The concept of democracy ensures the maintenance of transparency. It also ensures that appropriate norms and procedures of the government are followed while making the decisions.

Complete answer:
The idea of “Deliberation and negotiation” is the foundation of Democracy. The statement is explained below:

In a democracy, a lot of importance is given to the concept of deliberation and opinion of the general public. For arriving at a decision, the democratic government takes a little more time as they have to follow the norms and procedures. So if a citizen wants to know whether a decision was taken through the correct procedures, he or she can find out as democracy assures to the citizens the right and the means to check the procedure of decision-making.

These decisions must be liable to the people and the government has formed appropriate mechanisms for the citizens to hold the government answerable. Once a decision is taken it can be both more acceptable and effective to the people.

In a democracy, people have the right to choose their rulers and have control over them. Whenever feasible and needed, citizens should be able to engage in decision-making that affects them all. Thus, the concept of democracy ensures the maintenance of transparency, which means that every person gets the right and means to examine the process of decision making.

To do so, the democratic government creates mechanisms for citizens—regular, free and fair elections, open public debate on major policies and legislations and citizens’ right to information regarding the government and its functioning.

Therefore, the correct answer is B

We must know the differences between democracy and dictatorship in the decision-making process.

> There is a necessary delay in implementation as it is based on the idea of deliberation and negotiation.
> Decisions are both more acceptable and effective to the people.
> It ensures transparency as a citizen has the right and the means to examine the process of decision-making.

> It is quick and efficient in decision-making as they do not have to bother about majorities and/or public opinion.
> The decisions taken may not be accepted by the people.
> Transparency is missing as there is no accountability of the government to the people.