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Define the term “Half line”.

Last updated date: 26th Feb 2024
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Hint:The given problem involves the concepts of geometry and definitions of some basic terms and terminologies in mathematics. In the given question, we are required to define the mathematical term ‘half line’. Such definitions must be remembered by us by heart so as to have a solid and clear theoretical knowledge about the domain.

Complete answer:
‘Half line’ is a term related to analytical geometry. Half line is a straight line extending from a point infinitely in only one direction. A ray is a kind of line segment that only extends in a single direction and is terminated in the other direction. A half line can also be called a ray in mathematics, specifically in the analytical geometry branch. The half line is denoted as:
seo images

A half line is a part of a line consisting of the given point and all the points lying on one of the sides of it. Any point on a line divides it into two rays.

Note: The given problem requires us to have a strong grip over the concepts of analytical geometry. One must be familiar with the definitions of such basic terminologies in order to excel in the domain of mathematics. Keep an eye for details while reading and understanding and be concise in explaining the meaning and definition of such terms.