Cyclone Collector is used for minimizing-----
A) Radioactive pollution
B) Air pollution
C) Noise pollution
D) Water pollution

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Hint: Cyclone collector is an instrument that works by trapping the particles like dust produced due to cement, wood factories etc.

Complete Answer:
Working - Cyclone collector works on the principle of inertia and it is similar to a centrifuge.
- The dirty air enters the cyclone and spins faster as it moves down and then exits through the outlet.
- Due to spinning the centrifugal force generated and due to continuous change in the direction causes the larger dust particles to move outwards and fall down towards the discharge.

The advantages of cyclone corrector:
1) It requires less maintenance and repair .
2) It does not require expensive filters .
3) Only centrifugal force is enough to remove dust particles from the air stream.

Applications of cyclone collector:
1) It is used as a pre filter to ease dust loading.
2) Used in areas having combustible dusts like wood.
3) It can also be used to sort out larger size material.
4) They are used as precleaners to reduce high amounts of larger particles.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘B’.

Note: Cyclone collector is designed to be used in various industrial applications like steel plants and coal-fired power plants.

Main types of industrial dust collectors are:
1) Inertial separators
2) Fabric filters
3) Wet scrubbers
4) Electrostatic precipitators
5) Unit collectors