Correct the statement, if it is wrong
A line has two end-points.

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Hint: For stating this type of question we should know about the line and the line segment and then we can answer it. As we know we can measure the length of the line segment but we cannot measure the line. And by using this we can answer this question.

Complete step-by-step answer:
A ray is a piece of a line that has one endpoint and goes on endlessly just a single way. You can't gauge the length of a ray. A ray is named utilizing its endpoint first, and afterward some other point on the ray. A segment will be named by its two endpoints. A line can be named either utilizing two focuses on the line or the other hand basically by a letter, normally lowercase.
A line can be made by using the two points which can be on the line. But a line segment has two endpoints. Also, we can measure such a type of line.
So from this, we can say that a line will have no endpoints. And the segment will have two endpoints. And also it connects both the endpoints. Also, if they can’t meet at any of the points then we will call it the parallel lines.

Hence, the above statement is wrong. And the correct one will be the line that has no endpoints.
So, the correct answer is “ The above statement is wrong. And the correct one will be the line that has no endpoints.”.

Note: Although we as a whole know instinctively what a line is, it is really hard to give a decent numerical definition. Generally, we can say that a line is a vastly thinner, limitlessly long assortment of points reaching out in two inverse ways. At the point when we attract line calculation, we utilize an arrow at each end to show that it expands endlessly.