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What converts mechanical energy to electrical energy?
A) Motor
B) Battery
C) Generator
D) Switch

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: There are devices, which convert different forms of energy from one form to the other. We are given four such devices here in this problem from which we have to find the device which converts any mechanical energy to useful electrical energy.

Complete step-by-step solution
We can discuss each of the given devices to understand their mechanisms and thus get the device which converts the mechanical energy to the electrical energy as per the question.
1.Motor: A motor is a device which is used to provide mechanical energy for any work. The water pumps, the motors in appliances and automobiles are all designed to provide the work to do a specific task. The electric motors convert electrical energy to desired form of mechanical energy, whereas the motors which use petroleum products convert the heat energy to the required energy.
2.Battery: We know that batteries are devices which give a constant supply of electric energy to a system. The energy in batteries is stored in chemical form. They convert the chemical energy into electric energy.
3.Generator: These are devices which can convert mechanical energies in any form to electrical energies using the electromagnetic induction. The hydroelectric power stations use the energy in flowing water to convert into electric energy. There are fuel-based generators which convert heat energy to convert into electrical energy.
4.Switch: It is a simple device which helps in opening and closing a circuit. It doesn’t have any energy conversions involved in their working.
We understand that the generators are the devices which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
The correct answer is option C.
Additional Information: The generators are designed on the principle of Faraday’s Electromagnetic induction. They consist of a ferromagnetic core wound with wire known as an armature placed in a magnetic field. The magnetic flux change in the coil of an armature due to the applied mechanical energy will produce an induced emf which is the electrical energy that is transported to our houses.
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Note: The generators in hydro-electric power plants convert the mechanical energy of the flowing water to run the turbines placed in magnetic fields. This induces an electric current in the coil in the turbines which is stored and transported as electricity to each household over hundreds of kilometers.