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Convert the following ratios into percentage:

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: In order to solve this question, we need to know what is a percentage. Then, from there, we might be able to think about how to convert a fraction into a percentage.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Definition of Percent: Percent, as the name suggests, Per – Cent, i.e. per century. Therefore, every number after which there is a percent, can be seen as that specific number divided by century. Hence, conversion of percent to fraction is in the name itself. All we need to do is to divide the number by century, i.e. $100$ , remove the percent symbol, and then if we can cancel out the common factor, we can do that to simplify the fraction into its simplest form. For the reverse process, all we need to do is multiply by $100$ , and write the percent symbol.
Therefore, for converting $\dfrac{7}{10}$ into percentage, we need to make the denominator equal to $100$ by multiplying and dividing by $10$:
$\Rightarrow$ $\dfrac{7}{10}\times \dfrac{10}{10}=\dfrac{70}{100}$
Now, in order to get the percentage, we will remove $100$ from the denominator and assign a percentage symbol after $70$ .
$\Rightarrow$ $\dfrac{70}{100}=70%$
Therefore, the fraction $\dfrac{7}{10}$ is equivalent to $70%$ .

Note: While doing the calculation, we need to be very careful about the multiplying process, as many times what we tend to do is try to do the multiplying process in our mind and we multiply either in the numerator or the denominator and then forget to multiply in the other.