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Convert into improper fraction $2\dfrac{3}{4}$ ?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the given question, we are asked to convert the given mixed fraction into improper fraction. We now need to know the definition of improper fraction and how we get it from the mixed fraction. Improper fraction is a fraction where numerator is greater than denominator. While,In a proper fraction numerator is always less than the denominator.

Complete step-by-step solution:
In the given question we are given the mixed fraction as $2\dfrac{3}{4}$.
To solve the question, we will follow a few steps as mentioned and get our answer.
Steps to convert mixed fraction into improper fraction are:
(i) Multiply the whole number by the denominator value.
(ii) Now, we need to add the obtained value to the numerator which is also the numerator value of the improper value.
(iii) Now, we need to write the denominator value the same as given in the proper fraction.
(iv) Now, the fraction obtained is the improper fraction.
Now, according to the steps we will multiply 2 by 4 which gives us 8 and also, we will add 8 to the numerator which is 3 and we get 11. And this value attained is the numerator value of the required improper fraction and the required improper fraction is $\dfrac{11}{4}$ .
Therefore, the required improper fraction is $\dfrac{11}{4}$.

Note: In such a question we must know the difference between the proper fraction, improper fraction and the mixed fraction. Also, we must know how to convert the fraction from one form to the other form which makes our problem easy and can solve the question given in any form.