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Convert 4 m 45 cm into meters.
A.4.45 m
B.4450 cm
C.4.45 cm
D.4045 cm

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: For converting 4 m 45 cm into meters, we need to convert 45 cm into meters and then add it into 4m. Now, we know that 1 m is equal to 100cm. So, for converting 45cm into meters, we need to divide 45 by 100. Now after conversion, add that value to 4m and we will get our answer.

Complete step-by-step answer:
In this question, we are asked to convert 4 m 45 cm into meters.
This means that the length of the object is 4 m and 45 cm. So, we need to find it completely in meters.
Now, both meters and centimeters are the units used to measure the length of any object or distance.
We know that 1 meter is made up of 100cms. So, here we need to convert 45cms into meters and add it to 4m. Now, for converting 45cm into meters we are going to use the method of cross multiplication. Therefore, we get
  1m = 100cm \\
  ? = 45cm \;
 $ \Rightarrow 45cm = \dfrac{{45 \times 1}}{{100}} = 0.45m $
Hence, 45cm will be equal to 0.45m. Therefore, now we can add this into 4m and get our answer. Therefore,
 $ \Rightarrow $ 4m 45cm $ = 4m + 0.45m = 4.45m $
Hence, 4 m 45 cm will be equal to 4.45m.
Hence, our answer is option A.
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: We can also convert 4 m 45 cm completely into cm by converting 4m into cm and then adding it into 45cm. So, for converting 4m into cm, we need to multiply 4 by 100.
  1m = 100cm \\
  4m = ? \\
 $ \Rightarrow $ 4m $ = \dfrac{{4 \times 100}}{1} = 400cm $
Now, we can add it into 45cm and get our answer. Therefore,
 $ \Rightarrow $ 4m 45cm $ = 400cm + 45cm = 445cm $