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How do you convert $1.7$ into a fraction?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: We first explain the process of the conversion method for decimal into fraction. Then we take examples to make the process understandable. Finally using the mentioned process, we convert $1.7$ into fraction.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We have to follow some processes to convert decimal to fraction.
In this case we have a decimal point which we need to get rid of. For the given number we move the decimal to the right one position. The decimal goes to the very end of the number following the process. The more we move to the right, the more we multiply with ${{10}^{-1}}$ to compensate for the movement.
Therefore, we get a power form of 10 in the denominator of the fraction. The number of digits after decimal is equal to the power value of 10.
The change of decimal for the number $1.7$ happens once.
So, we can write $1.7$ as $1.7=17\times {{10}^{-1}}$ which changes to \[1.7=17\times {{10}^{-1}}=\dfrac{17}{10}\].

Note: We can also do the conversion by creating a blank fraction. In the numerator we write down all the digits we have after decimal. In the denominator we put ${{10}^{n}}$ where $n$ defines the number of digits after decimal.