Citric acid is present in lemon. Apple contains:
A.Lactic acid
B.Malic acid
C.Tartaric acid
D.Oxalic acid

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Hint: Citric acid is a carboxylic acid and it is a very weak organic acid. Citrus fruits are sour in taste and apples are sweet in taste. Apple contains two acids which are responsible for its taste.

Complete step by step answer:
Malic acid is a naturally occurring substance and is largely responsible for the sour taste found in apples. Malic acid is the predominant acid in apples. Acidity has profound effects on the taste of apples. Tartaric acid is usually found more in grapes. Oxalic acid is found more in plants. Lactic acid is found more in milk and curd.

So the answer is B.

Additional Information:-
Malic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. The majority of the acid content in apples comes from malic acid, while the rest is the form ascorbic acid which is also known as Vitamin C. Differences in malic acid content is caused by the differences in accumulation of malic acid in the vacuole. The concentration of malic acid in the different types of apples plays a huge role in how those apples taste. Wild apples have significantly more malic acid than farmed apples, even though the two varieties have similar amounts of sugar in the form of fructose and sucrose. The ascorbic acid is really high in immature apples, but as the fruit ripens, the ascorbic acid content drops and the apples get sweeter.
Citric acid exists in a variety of fruits and vegetables e.g Lemons. An apple contains nearly all of the vitamins that humans need for their metabolic processes. Malic acid contributes to the sour taste of fruits.