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Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the italicised part of the sentence.
Few teachers have been spared the problem of an obstreperous pupil in the class.
a) Awkward
b) Lazy
c) Unruly
d) Sullen

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Hint: The word obstreperous means something that is difficult to control or is noisy. Now, for the solution, you need a similar meaning word to replace the original word in the sentence without the meaning of getting changed.

Complete answer:
The first step towards the solution to such a question is to understand the word. Here the word is ‘obstreperous’. Obstreperous means noisy or difficult to control. For example, the new intern is cocky and obstreperous.
Now, we need a word sharing a similar meaning as to obstreperous. Therefore, we will now discuss the options and try to find the correct solution.
 So –
Awkward – means being uncomfortable regarding something or feel unease towards something or someone. So, as you can see this has no relation whatsoever to the root word. Therefore, this is incorrect.
Lazy – describes the unwillingness to word or use energy or move around. So, as you can relate this too has no connection to the root word. Therefore, this is not the correct solution.
Unruly – means someone who is disruptive or disorderly or not responsive to control or discipline. So, as one can understand this shares the same meaning as the root word. Therefore, this is the correct solution.
Sullen – defines someone who is bad-tempered or is sulky. As we can see this has no relation to the original word. Therefore, this too is not the correct solution.
So, by the above explanations, you can say that a correct solution is an option (c), i.e. unruly.

Use the elimination method to remove those words that have no relation to the root word. That will make it easier to get to the correct solution.