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Choose the word that is most nearly the opposite in meaning of the given word in capital
A) Diseased
B) Fast
C) Constant
D) Quick

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Hint: Antonyms are words which have opposite or contrasting meanings. Antonyms can be classified into three types; Relational - Front and Back, one word does not exist without the other. Graded - Good and Bad, they are responsible for showing variation, and Complementary - Dead and Alive, only one opposite is available for the other.

Complete answer:
The meaning of the word ‘Fickle’ is ‘something that changes frequently’. To solve this question we must first find out the meaning of all the words in the options. Then we will find out the antonyms of all the words. These antonyms should have a similar meaning to the word ‘fickle’ in order to be the correct choice.
Option A) Diseased – the word ‘diseased’ refers to someone who is suffering from some disease. Other words similar to this are ‘sick, unwell, ill’ etc. The opposite of this word will be someone who is not sick, i.e. ‘well, healthy, fit’ etc. It is not the opposite of ‘fickle’. Hence, this option is incorrect.
Option B) Fast – the word ‘fast’ refers to something or someone who is capable of moving or doing things at a very high speed. Other synonyms of this word are, ‘rapid, swift, speedy’ etc. Some opposites of this word are ‘slow, gradual, unhurried’ etc. It is not the correct opposite of ‘fickle’. Therefore, this option is also wrong.
Option C) Constant – The word ‘constant’ refers to something that does not change over time. Therefore, its opposite would be something that keeps on changing. Such words are ‘fickle, fitful, inconsistent, variable’ etc. Therefore, we can say that it is an opposite of the word ‘FICKLE’. Thus, this option is correct.
Option D) Quick – The word ‘quick’ is a synonym of the word ‘fast’ and it refers to something or someone that can move at a high speed. We know that its opposites are ‘slow, gradual, unhurried’. These opposites do not mean the same as ‘Fickle’. Therefore, this option is also incorrect.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (C) Constant.

Note: Some other antonyms of ‘fickle’ are; invariable, persistent, sustained, perpetual etc. In contrast to antonyms there are synonyms which are words having similar meanings. Some synonyms of ‘Fickle’ are; capricious, changeable, variable, volatile, etc. Synonyms are used by writers to avoid repetition of words and thus, provide elegant variation to their piece of writing.