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Choose the correct antonym for the given word.
A. Defiant
B. Demolish
C. Angelic
D. Portentous

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Devilish refers to something which is evil or bad. We can describe someone as devilish if they're cruel, even though this adjective is also used for rascally or naughty people.
A devilish punishment is cruel, but a devilish preschooler simply misbehaves in a playful way. Since 1600, the word ‘devil’ has been used to mean not just an "evil spirit," but also a "clever rogue."

Complete answer:
To choose the correct antonym for devilish first analyze all the options,

A. Defiant - it refers to boldly resisting or an opposing force.
Anyone who is defiant is a bold person, even in the face of defeat.
E.g. “Brought up to be aggressive and defiant”

B. Demolish - destroy completely.
In normal speech, demolish can also mean “devour”, as a group of hungry children might demolish a pizza.
E.g. “the wrecking ball demolished the building”

C. Angelic - of or relating to angels.
The adjective angelic can be used to describe anything that is related to angels or is resembling an angel.
E.g. “an angelic smile”

D. Portentous - of momentous or ominous significance.
The adjective portentous is used to describe something that seems to be a sign related to a future event — generally an ominous sign.
E.g. “A portentous monster raised all my curiosity".

Hence, after analyzing all the options we can conclude that option C angelic is the correct antonym for devilish.

Note: The word angelic can also refer to actual angels, as in an angelic choir, which is a bunch of singing angels.