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Can Anybody Tell me a Slogan on "India of My Dreams" ?

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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India is where we come from different societies and religions live in agreement with each other. In any case, segregation is done based on a man's position, statement of faith, religion and financial status in numerous parts of the nation. India I had always wanted to be there. India has seen a great deal of improvement in the field of science, innovation, education and more recently in the race of the most recent couple of decades. I long for India as a whole, and I have never seen it before. Here are papers of fluctuating lengths on 'India I had always wanted to assist you with the subject in the school exam or article composing rivalry.   

India enjoys a rich social heritage. Individuals with a place with different positions, ideologies and religions live calmly in this nation. In any case, there are safe gatherings of individuals who try to incite individuals to serve their personal issues in this way impeding peace in the nation. I aspire to India that does not have such disruptive propensities. It should be where the various ethnic gatherings live in harmony with each other.


I also dream of India as a country where every resident is educated. I need the general population of my nation to understand the importance of training and to ensure that their children seek instruction instead of enjoying humble jobs at a young age. Adults who have missed an opportunity to contemplate in the midst of their youth should also attend adult education classes in order to find a formation that will allow them to find a higher occupation for themselves.   


I need the administration to give the measure to the business chances at all so that teenage lands deserve positions and contribute to the development of the country. I need the nation to progress mechanically and see development in each area. In conclusion, I need India where women are treated with deference and receive open doors that are equivalent to men's.   


India is a multi-social, multi-lingual and multi-religious society that has been constantly improving in different environments over the last century. I earnestly hope that India will progress at a much more remarkable pace and immediately join the decline of the nations created. Here are the key areas that need consideration, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of improving a place:   


1. Education and employment


I aspire to India where every subject is educated and can locate a deserving business opportunity. No one can stop the development and advancement of a country brimming with educated and talented people. 


2. Caste and religious questions


The India I had always wanted would be where people would not be separated according to their rank or religion. It would go a long way in strengthening the country. 


3. Industrial and technological growth


While India has experienced both modern and innovative development over the last two decades, it is still not up to par with many different countries. I aspire to India who advances mechanically and sees an explosion in each segment. 


4. Corruption


There is a considerable measure of defilement in the nation and its rate is developing day by day. The ordinary man persists because of degenerate legislators who are simply intrigued by the satisfaction of their own narrow thought processes. I earnestly hope that India will be free from defilement at all levels. It would be here that the improvement of the nation would be the only plan of the administration.    


To put it plainly, India that I had always wanted would be where people feel happy and safe and enjoy great personal satisfaction