By what name is the Ganga known in Bangladesh?
A. Padma
B. Bhagirathi
C. Rupnarayan
D. Nubra

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Hint: It is a stream joined by Jamuna waterway the biggest feeder of Brahmaputra and afterward the two join and structure the Meghna waterway. It streams commonly in the Southeast for 120 km close to the Bay of Bengal. The waterway is a significant stream in Bangladesh and India.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Padma River, the fundamental channel of the more prominent Ganges (Ganga) River in Bangladesh. For about 90 miles (145 km) the Ganges River shapes the western limit among India and Bangladesh before it enters Bangladesh at the northern edge of the Kushtia area as the upper portion of the Padma River. The higher Padma streams southeastward to urge the robust Jamuna stream (the name of the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh) to get ready to Rajbari. The consolidated progression of those two waterways comprises the lower section of the Padma, which keeps on streaming southeastward through focal Bangladesh to join the Meghna River close to Chandpur and to exhaust into the Bay of Bengal. The Padma River is known for hefty bank disintegration, moving channels, and shoals that persistently arise in its course. Its primary feeder is the Mahananda; its main distributary is the Madhumati (called the Garai in its upper course). The progression of the Padma is controlled occasionally by the Farakka Barrage, found a couple of miles upstream in West Bengal, India. Various major metropolitan places, including Rajshahi and Pabna, are situated alongside the Padma. The stream frames a bustling stream and is a rich wellspring of fish.
The Padma, Sanskrit for lotus bloom, is referenced in Hindu folklore as a byname for the Goddess Lakshmi. The name the Padma is given to the lower part of the course of the Ganges (Ganga) beneath the purpose of the off-take of the Bhagirathi River (India), another Ganges River distributary otherwise called the Hooghly River. The Padma had, most likely, moved through various channels at various occasions. A few creators battle that every distributary of the Ganges in its deltaic part is a reminder of an old chief channel and that beginning from the western-generally one, the Bhagirathi (in West Bengal, India), every distributary toward the east denotes a place of a more up to date channel than the one toward its west.

Thus, option (A) is correct.

Note: The Ganges begins in the Gangotri Glacier of the Himalaya, and goes through India and Bangladesh to the Bay of Bengal. The Padma enters Bangladesh at Shibganj in the area of Chapai Nawabganj.