Biotic and abiotic components form
A) Environment
B) Society
C) Population
D) Species

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The two main factors that form the environment are biotic and abiotic. All living beings in an ecosystem are biotic factors and the abiotic factors are nonliving elements, such as temperature, pH, humidity, salinity, sunlight etc or chemical agents, which are present in the air, water and soil (different mineral nutrients and gases).

Complete step by step solution:
All living organisms in the environment are related to biological factors. Their existence and biological by-products have an effect on ecosystem composition. Biotic influences include animals and humans, plants, fungi and bacteria, all living species. For the reproduction of each species and to comply with essential requirements such as food, the interactions between different biotic factors is needed.
Biotic resources include all plants and faunas E.g., sunlight, water, air, moisture, pH, temperature, salt, precipitation, altitude, soil type, mineral, wind, dissolved oxygen, soil mineral nutrients, air and water etc.
Both nonliving influences, including chemical and physics in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, contribute to abiotic factors. Examples of abiotic variables include sunshine, air, precipitation, minerals, and soil. This influences the survival and reproduction of organisms in an ecosystem.
Autotrophic species, for example, cannot survive without sufficient sunlight. Eventually, as these species die, they create a food shortage for primary consumers. This influence impacts the food chain cascades, affecting every animal. It thus contributes to an ecological imbalance.

Hence, A-Environment is the correct option.

The living elements of an ecosystem are biotic factors. Abiotic factors are linked to all non-living factors i.e., physical conditions and chemical effects of ecosystems. Biotic factors are contingent on abiotic survival factors and reproduction. Abiotic factors are totally separate from the biotic factors of the biosphere.