Bagasse, the sugar by-product, is used as a raw material for ____ industry.
A) Fuel
B) Paper
C) Cement
D) Metal

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For a long time, bamboo, soft woods etc had been the traditional fibrous raw materials in the paper industry throughout the world. But due to the global shortage of these raw materials, the paper industry around the world had been looking out for the possibilities of using alternate fibrous raw materials particularly agricultural residues like bagasse.

Complete step by step solution:
Bagasse, also known as megass, is the dry pulpy fibrous excess that remains, after sorghum stalks are smashed and the juice is extracted. It has numerous uses, among which one is for paper.
Mainly, bagasse is used as a raw material for the paper industry. It is used for each one of the four main paper categories, namely, packaging in boxes, printing, writing and photocopier tissues and newsprint. Both chemical and mechanical pulping processes are used. Many tropical and subtropical countries such as India, Columbia, China, Iran, Thailand and Argentina have been commonly using bagasse as a substitute of wood for the production of paper and board. Bagasse produces pulp comprising physical properties that are well fitted for generic printing and writing papers as well as tissue products but is used widely for boxes and newspaper production too.
Bagasse can also be used for making boards, which resembles plywood or particle boards and is called the bagasse board.

Therefore, the correct answer is option B, that is, the paper industry.

Additional information:
Bagasse is additionally used as a source of cellulose for manufacturing animal feeds. It is readily available as a waste product with high sugar content and has the potential as an environment friendly alternative to corn, as a source of biofuel ethanol. Also, processed bagasse can be added to human food as sugar fibre.

Bagasse is beneficial as a biofuel for the production of heat energy and electricity and in the manufacture of pulp and building materials. Many research efforts have explored using bagasse as biofuel. This bio fuel is used as a renewable power generation source. Bagasse is also used in the production of bio-based material. It is frequently used as a primary fuel source for sugar mills.