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Who authored the book Sangita Ratnakara?
A. Malik Muhammad Jayasi
B. Sarangadevan
C. Surdas
D. Tulsidas

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Various forms of literature were produced in India since ancient times. This also included books based on dance music and other art forms. most of the literature was written in the Sanskrit language in those times.

Complete answer: The title of the book Sangeet Ratnakar literally means ocean of music and dance. This book was authored or written by one of the most prominent musicians of ancient India, Sarangadevan. This book is considered to be one of the most important musicological texts coming from India that is written in the Sanskrit language. According to both Hindustani music and Carnatic music, this book is recognised as an authentic and definitely text dealing with Indian classical music. The author was one of the greatest musicians in Indian history and the writings in his book are followed to date. The author of the book sarangadeva was a musician in the court of a prominent king of the yadava dynasty named King Singhana II. Other three were also the prominent poets like Jayasi wrote Padmavat and Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitra manas.
Therefore, the correct answer is option B.

Note: The author of Sangeet Ratnakar was born in Kashmir in a Brahmin family. After the starting of the Delhi sultanate in India and the Islamic invasions in the North-Western parts of the country Sarangadev along with his family shifted to the Deccan region in modern-day Maharashtra. He was an accountant by profession but wished to pursue his interest in music in the court of king Singhana II.