Artesian wells are found in _______.
A. sedimentary rocks
B. igneous rocks
C. metamorphic rocks
D. All of these

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Hint: Artesian wells are the type of wells which does not require any pump to bring water to the surface. A positive pressure is created by an artesian aquifer which is confined between impermeable rocks or clay to bring the water to the surface.

Complete Answer:
Artesian wells are one of the smart and sustainable water sources. These wells are found in the sedimentary rocks. The particles that form a sedimentary rock are known as sediment. Erosion, weathering, dissolution, precipitation, and lithification are the most important processes in the formation of sedimentary rocks. Large rocks are broken down into smaller ones due to erosion and weathering which include wind and rain. Boulders and even mountains are also transformed into mud and sand due to erosion and weathering. Dissolution is also a type of chemical weathering where water that is slightly acidic wears away the stone slowly. These three processes create new raw material for the creation of new sedimentary rocks. Precipitation and lithification are the processes that build new rocks or minerals. Rocks and minerals are formed from the precipitates of water in the process of precipitation. In lithification, clay, sand, and other sediments that are on the bottom of the ocean or the other bodies of water, slowly form into rocks due to the weight of overlying sediments.

Thus, option (A) is correct.

Note: All wells are not artesian. If the groundwater level at the top of the aquifer (well) is at equilibrium with atmospheric pressure, then only it would be an artesian well. When the water table at a recharge zone has a higher elevation than the head of the well then the recharge of the aquifer happens.