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Areca catechu and supari belongs to the family of
(A) Poaceae
(B) Palmae
(C) Asteraceae
(D) Scitamineae

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The Areca catechu is the scientific name of the Arecanut. It has the similar characteristics to that of the palm trees. This plant of arecanut is mainly used for this purpose of its nuts. It is not a true nut, but it is the seed encased within the areca nut fruit.

Complete Answer:
- The betel nuts of the arecanut are called the supari. Since they are similar to the palm plants, they belong to the arecaceae or the palmaceae.
- In India, the arecanut and the betel leaves are more linked to the religious belief and the worship practices. This fruit of the arecanut is the drupe. It can be grown in all types of the soil with good organic matter that is well drained.
- Adequate irrigation must be provided to these plants for their growth. The leaves of this arecanut are long, pinnate leaves crowded to each other. The seed of the arecanut (supari) contains alkaloids like arecaidine and the arecoline. These alkaloids cause addiction to those when they are once consumed.

Thus the option (B) is correct.

Note: These areca nuts are used along with the betel leaves for the consumption. They provide a mild stimulant and cause a warm sensation in the body by increasing the feeling of alertness. These nuts are also used in the preparation of the medicines in the field of the Ayurveda and the Chinese.