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What are the steps to conserve wildlife?

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: Wildlife used to refer to undomesticated animal species, but it has since expanded to include all animals that evolve or live in the wild without being introduced by humans. In all habitats, wildlife can be found. Deserts, wetlands, rainforests, deserts, grasslands, and other regions, including the world's most populated cities, all have unique wildlife.

Complete answer:
Flora and fauna, or plants, animals, and microorganisms that have not been domesticated by humans, make up wildlife. Conservation, on the other hand, is the preservation and protection of wild plants, wildlife, and their ecosystems. As a result, we may conclude that wildlife conservation is needed to understand the value of nature and other wildlife species.

The large-scale killing of wild animals and birds by humans is a major threat to wildlife's survival. This has an effect on the food chain as well as the environment. With the aid of an example, we can better understand; snakeskin is in high demand for making fancy leather products, so snakeskin sells at a high price in the market. Some people kill snakes in large numbers indiscriminately in order to make quick money. The killing of snakes causes a disruption in the food chain and an imbalance in nature.

Steps to conserve wildlife –
$1)$ Any legislation should be enacted to make it illegal to kill or capture endangered animals or birds. It needs to be made a criminal offence. Such laws should be strictly followed and not only exist on paper.
$2)$ Forest authorities should not allow the indiscriminate killing of wild birds and animals, regardless of their abundance.
$3)$More National Parks and Sanctuaries should be built throughout the country to protect the natural environments of wild animals and birds.
$4)$ The Department of Government should conduct a wildlife conservation survey in all forests on a regular basis. They should be knowledgeable about the populations of all wild animal and bird species so that they can be aided during floods and famines.
$5)$We should pay special attention to the survival of endangered wild animals and birds in order to avoid their extinction.

Note: If the government approves the felling of trees for each acre of forest, an equivalent area of land should be planted with tree saplings to compensate for the loss in the long run. It is also our responsibility to plant trees in our immediate surroundings and to encourage others to do the same.