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What are the different ways of increasing production on the same piece of land?

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Hint:Food is essential in our daily life. Several agriculture research and studies are made to increase the production from the same piece of land. Agriculture is the backbone of India.

Complete answer:
Let us discuss why the production of a land should be increased in a piece of land? This question will
arise in your mind. Population of the world is increasing every year. It is estimated that in the year 2050, there would be an additional population of 1 million than now. With the same production rate, we are unable to feed the additional population. The result will be a huge loss of lives. There should be an increase in production compulsory so that we can prevent the loss of lives from famine.

Let us discuss how the production can be increased? This question will arise in your mind. Adopting multiple cultivation and modern technologies can increase reproduction in the same piece of land. Multiple cultivation systems are the cultivation of two or more major crops in the same piece of land at the same time. Adoption of modern technologies includes the cultivation of high yielding varieties, reducing the input cost and increasing the use of modern machineries. Use of machineries reduces the labour cost and also increases the efficiency of the farmland. Though the cost of machineries is high, they provide a lot of work at low cost than humans. High yielding varieties produce a huge yield in a short period of time.

Note:High yielding varieties produce a large yield in a small area of land. Use of machineries can reduce the labour cost. Use of recommended fertilizers and pesticides also helps to improve production.
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